ISO Certification Further Information

What is Independent ISO certification?

Independent ISO Certificates are issued by independent certification bodies (At DG Services we use QMD) as such there is no governing body responsible for monitoring the quality of ISO Certification.

What is Accredited ISO Certification?

Only companies registered with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) or similar bodies worldwide are entitled to issue Accredited Certification.
There are a number of companies that can supply UKAS accredited ISO Certification and they can be found through the UKAS website ( these companies are the only ones eligible to issue the universally recognised “Crown and Tick” logo.
At DG Services we are happy to work with your choice of UKAS Certification provider or can arrange quotes if required.

Are different manuals or procedures needed depending on whether I choose Accreditation or Certification?


DG Services guarantee to produce manuals and help you implement procedures that will meet the requirements of either independent certification or accredited certification.

What are the cost implications?

At DG Services we have worked hard to make both options as affordable as possible.
There is no getting around the fact that the fees for accredited certification are higher than the costs of maintaining independent certification.
We are happy to detail quotes for both options and offer a wide range of interest-free payment options.

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